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Protect Your Business in Nova Scotia with Security Systems from Douglas Security

When you are away from your business you want it to have the same protection that your home has. That is why Douglas Investigation & Security Co. Ltd is your source for local security monitoring. We provide installation and local monitoring services for a variety of fire and burglar alarm systems for both residential and commercial applications. Besides installing new alarm systems, we can take on your current system for monitoring services. For a quick takeover process, our staff would be happy to come to your location for the equipment details. We provide free services upto a distance that is reachable within three hours from the Halifax metro region.


We proudly offer the following services for our valued clientele:


  • Consulting

We offer full-service consultation services to help you feel secure at a reasonable cost to you. Ask us about our many current packages. We’re sure to have a security package available that fits your unique lifestyle and budget.


  • Circuit TV Monitoring

We do our own monitoring, which provides you with a personal and reliable service you can trust.


  • Alarm Installations

For complete peace of mind, the first step is equipping your premises with a high-quality alarm system. We offer free service calls and an open-ended warranty on the alarm’s internal batteries. Our licensed technicians will not only install the alarm system and all of its various components for you, but we can also help you select the right alarm system required for your specific type of home or business. Also, we provide batteries for any alarm system, starting at $40.


Fire Alarm Services

Douglas Investigation & Security Co. Ltd. offers a large selection of fire alarm systems from some of the leading industry manufacturers to provide you with reliable service and products from a reputable company that has long-been entrusted with the protection of people’s livelihood.


GPS Tracking Services

GPS tracking and monitoring is available for mobile business applications. Track your delivery trucks, taxi cabs, on the road salesman and more. Contact us for details.


Fire alarm

Fire Alarm Evacuation Tips

When your fire alarm sounds, be sure that you, your family or your employees know what to do! Check out these informative evacuation tips and have a fire safety plan already in place:

  • Never assume an alarm has been falsely activated or is simply “a test.” Always evacuate safely and immediately whenever an alarm has been activated.
  • Know where all of your building’s exits are located and always use the stairs for emergency evacuation.
  • Once you’re clear of the building, plan a designated meeting area well away from the building to take attendance and ensure everyone is safely out of the building.
  • Keep out of the way of responding officials who may need to enter the building.
  • Never return to the building until a trusted authority advises you it is completely safe to do so.
  • Ensure emergency exits, doorways, stairways and halls are never locked or blocked.
  • Regularly test your fire alarm system to ensure it’s operating properly.
  • Always have emergency phone numbers posted near telephones and emergency evacuation plans posted on every level if it’s a multi-level commercial building.
  • Remember to stay calm, react immediately, look out for one another and be patient throughout the evacuation process.

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